Tatiara Karting Club – Bordertown, SA


1. The name of the Club shall be “TATIARA KARTING CLUB INC” Consisting of Members as herein provided.

2. To promote the sport and pastime of go-karting. To provide facilities for such sport or other activity approved by the Club. To do all the things which the club or committee may deem necessary or desirable for promoting the recreation, accommodation and interests of its members; and for the preservation, upkeep and improvement of the club’s property and any other objects and purposes on which the club may from time to time decide.

3. Any person desirous of becoming a member of the club, subject to the approval of the committee, shall pay a membership subscription as fixed by the annual general meeting. Such membership shall permit attendance and voting at general meetings of the club held during the financial year ending on 31st December; to compete if desired in club events subject to the rules of the Tatiara Karting Club Inc.; and such other privileges as are conferred on Members. The committee shall have right to refuse, suspend or expel any member for conduct deemed to be against the best interest of the club after such person has been given the opportunity of being heard regarding the charge of charges laid.

4. The officers of the club shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer who shall be elected at the annual general meeting together with a representative of any Ladies’ Social committee which may be set up and, with an even number of four or more shall constitute the committee of management. Any patrol or patrons elected shall not be entitled as such to vote. The committee shall have the power to frame and make regulations and by-laws for the better government of the club, such by-laws and regulations to be effective forthwith until rescinded by the committee or a general meeting of members. The committee may delegate such of it powers and appears desirable. Any vacancy on the committee may be filled by the committee. The quorum at any committee shall be five.

a. The common seal of the club shall not be affixed to any deed or instrument without a resolution of the committee to that effect. All instruments requiring execution or authentication of the club shall be sealed with the common seal and countersigned by one of the sealholders together with the Secretary, Treasurer or President.

b. There shall be three sealholders who shall be appointed by the committee. The sealholders of the club may, but need not, be members of the committee.

c. The sealholders shall hold office until their office is terminated by a resolution of the committee which shall have power to appoint any other person to act as a sealholder.

d. The sealholders on the production of a Minute of the resolution of the committee shall comply therewith and affix the seal of the club to any document which may be necessary for carrying out the same.

6. The annual general meeting of the club shall be held in the month of November, each year, fourteen clear days’ notice being given by advertisement. At such meeting shall be presented the annual report and an audited statement of receipts and expenditure assets and liabilities. The officers and others constituting the committee of management (as set out in Rule 4) shall be elected, and it shall be competent for the meeting to confer the honour of Life Membership in appreciation of outstanding service to the club. At the annual or special meetings of the club ten members shall constitute a quorum.

7. The business at an ordinary general meeting of the club shall, unless otherwise determined by the meeting in accordance with the next succeeding rule, be conducted in the following order:

  1. Welcoming of members and visitors and reading of any apologies for absence received.
  2. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting and their confirmation or correction.
  3. Finance reports (if any) and their adoption or otherwise.
  4. Reading, reception and consideration of General Correspondence.
  5. New members.
  6. Adjourned business.
  7. General reports and their consideration and adoption or otherwise.
  8. Notice of motion.
  9. General business.
  10. Election of officers at meeting fixed for that purpose.

8. Upon dissolution of the club by a special general meeting, the committee shall prepare a scheme whereby the club’s assets may be liquidated and distributed among members on an equitable basis, taking into consideration the duration of such membership; distribute such assets or monies to a charitable organisation or transfer them to some body having similar objects to those of this club. Such action shall only be taken after one month’s notice to all financial members of a special general meeting and upon an affirmative vote of not less than three-fourths of the financial members present and voting at such a meeting.

9. The constitution shall not be repealed, altered or added to except after fourteen days’ notice of the motion thereof given to the Secretary, and with the concurrence of a majority of the members present at the annual general meeting or a special meeting called for the purpose. Rule 8 shall not be altered.

10. The club shall maintain a correct membership register.

11. In the event of any member being charged with any subject to complaint or conduct which the committee may consider unsportsmanlike or ungentlemanly or prejudicial to the interest of the club, he may be called before the committee and, failing a satisfactory explanation, he may, subject to the rules, be cautioned or suspended, required to resign or be expelled from membership of the club.

12. The committee shall, where any question under the preceding rule us to be considered, given notice in writing to the member charged and the time and place he is required to attend before the committee and particulars of the charge of complaint and before coming to a decision shall hear any explanation which the member charged may desire to give together with any evidence tendered by him.

13. Notice of the committee’s intention to consider or review a member’s conduct under these rules shall be forwarded to him at his last address shown upon the books of the club by prepaid certified mail sent through the Post Office at least three days prior to the meeting at which such matter is to be considered.

14. No member cautioned, suspended required to resign or expelled unless the resolution is supported by at least two-thirds of the members of the committee present and voting herein before provided.

15. Any member cautioned, suspended or required to resign or expelled under these rules shall have such right to appeal and in the event of resignation or expulsion shall forfeit all rights or claims upon the club or its property or funds.

16. All real and personal property of the club shall vest in the club in its corporate name as is provided by the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act, 1956-65.


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TKC Committee Responsibilities v6