Tatiara Karting Club – Bordertown, SA

Membership Form

Welcome to Tatiara Karting Club. Before racing begins…

Step 1 – TKC Membership, complete the form below and make payment for your TKC Membership

Step 2 – Apply for an AIDKA Licence via the AIDKA App or AIDKA website. (please note you must be a financial member of a club before you renew your AIDKA licences)

Step 3 – AIDKA Licence Holders, collect a log book from the club licence secretary. (arrangements can be made by email to membership@tatiarakartingclub.net.au)

Step 4 – AIDKA Licence Holders, log into the AIDKA App and check that your AIDKA digital licence has been approved.

Step 5 – Racers must ensure you have a working/compatible transponders. Available for purchase from MYLAPS.

Step 6 – Racers must activate your transponder prior to your first race meet. (Rookies & Midgets exempt)

When applying for a membership in January please allow some time for processing.


Transponders are compulsory. Purchase TR2 Transponders direct from MyLaps Speedhive APP. 


Our club operates entirely under a volunteer basis. Each member will receive a roster to help with the maintenance and operations within the club. Yearly rosters can also be found on our website under the membership section.

If you are unable to commit to your rostered time please make your own arrangements to swap with someone else. Rosters are key to help spread the workload.

Our club requests permissions for photos to be used in publications for the greater good of the Tatiara Karting Club.

Our club also offers opportunities for all members to be trained Race Day Officials. Please let us know if you’d like to complete the day course.

Lets get racing!